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Buying a car? You'll need insurance to drive it home.

 A short term insurance policy can be really useful for someone who is taking away a new car and requires cover for for the drive from the dealership to home, and perhaps for a few days afterwards whilst longer term arrangements are made. Some major car dealers offer up to seven days "free of charge" but of course nothing like this is really free, you inevitably pay for through an increased car price. Not every motorist is accepted either - and the majority of dealers don't offer it, and none of the private sellers do either.  This is where a "drive away" policy comes into it's own.

It is very easy to buy - all you would need in most cases would be your licence details, the registration number of the car you were buying and access to the Internet, perhaps via a mobile phone or one of the tablet computers that are becoming extremely popular such as the iPad or Kindle. You would need to decide at the outset how long you needed it for, the options being from a single day right up to four weeks.

What Information Will I Need to Apply for a policy?

Some of the most pertinent data that will need to be at-hand will include, but may not be limited to:

•Your date of birth.
•Your postcode.
•The amount of days that will need to be covered.
•The registration number of the car.

Of course, you also need to have a valid licence before considering the application process, and to have held it for a minimum of a year.

What Are the Advantages of Short-Term Driveaway Insurance?

The most obvious benefit is the fact that you will be covered in the case of an accident or injury while under the policy. These policies are quite cheap and flexible; depending on the length of time required and the vehicle being insured. Finally, it should be remembered that should someone else be driving the vehicle other than yourself, this policy is much easier to implement than adding the extra driver to your existing policy.

What Are My Payment Options?

Thanks to modern technology, paying for this type of plan is quick and easy. Payments can be made electronically via credit card and over the Internet. This method is completely safe and utilises only the most trusted of servers. Therefore, you can rest assured that your information is kept completely safe. Additionally, there are phone numbers which you can contact should you not have access to the Internet.

Will Paperwork Be Provided As Proof Of Cover?

Yes, you will be provided with the option of having all relevant paperwork and proof of coverage to be sent through the post. This choice can normally be found on the online application form. Additionally, this very same information will be sent via email to your email address that you supplied. This data can then be printed and used as evidence that you are protected under the temporary policy.

What is the Maximum Amount of Time on a Policy and Can This Policy be Extended?

Most policies will be valid for a maximum of twenty-eight days. In normal cases, you will not be able to extend the existing policy. However, you will have the ability to take out a fresh policy should this time limit be exceeded.

There are many times when a driver may require an additional amount of short-term insurance cover for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a child is coming home from university and wishes to borrow the vehicle on weekends. A relative may be planning on a week-long visit and needs to take the car to pick up his or her items from an airport located a hundred miles away. A policy like this could be just the answer!


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